Air con leak stopper refil can

A can of leak stopper

A can of leak stopper

Finally a way to minimise the costly repairs to automotive air con systems.

Each and every year it is common to replace the lost refrigerant that leaks out over the winter months.

Many leaks in the automotive air conditioner occur within the o-rings and seal areas. As o-rings and seals age, the materials begin to crack and shrink. Deterioration is the natural tendency of rubber and the heat from the engine exacerbates the deterioration. Leak stopper penetrates the rubber and swells it thus fixing a leak that could otherwise prove a very difficult and expensive task.

This product can be used in systems designed to run on both R12 and R134a gasses. It is injected via the low side port of the car (see our section for positions of these ports) using our charging hose.

When a leak is successfully cured top up the system with our TOP UP AND DYE can.

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