Air con top up gas refill – 3 Can Multipack

air con top up can

This product contains the equivalent of 510g of R12 or 468g of R134a. It can be used to top up either system and is of course non ozone depleting and safe for the environment. It must be used using our charging hose (via the low side charging port) and can be used after applying our leak stopper product or on its own if no leaks are present. It contains dye and so can aid in the detection of leaks with the use of a black light.
Unlike others products which use a hydrofluorocarbon gas, our natural hydrocarbon gas will “pick up” the existing oil in the system thus removing the need to retrofit parts and change the lubrication oil.
When purchased in a kit form it will come with full instructions, alternatively see our instructions and flow chart posted on this site.

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