R1234YF DIY Top Up Kit for R1234YF systems (hydrocarbon equivalent)



Re-gassing your vehicle aircon system is no longer difficult – with this fantastic system almost anyone can replace the air conditioning gas and get back peak performance and freshness. It connects simply to the low pressure air con port of the vehicle making it ideal for DIY use. The product does not fall within the scope of the F Gas regulations – the gas is not R1234YF. Instead it is a compatible HYDROCARBON product.

Our new universal R1234YF equivalent kit is now finally available. This kit is specifically designed for the new R1234YF systems which became common place during 2014/15 across most manufactures. Do check before purchase to make sure your car does require R1234YF. We do also sell an excellent kit suitable for cars using the old R134a. Please ask if you have any questions or queries. Since our can provides an equivalent to 340 grams of refrigerant which is sufficient to top up most cars that still have some gas within the system. In the unlikely event that one can is not sufficient we offer additional cans in our store for purchase. We have noticed that a there are a number of sellers claiming that they have a universal R134a & R1234YF solution which uses the same gas. Through our extensive research, we have found that those products are not suitable for R1234YF system and that there is the possibility of mid term damage. Be safe and purchase the correct R1234YF equivalent gas for your system.

Product Data

  • Model Number: AIRCONKIT_PURPLE
  • UPC-EAN: 685757152419
  • Sold as: Kit
  • Brand: Aircontopup.Com
  • Size: 168 grams net – equilivent too 340 grams aircon gas

Product Features

  • Fast and easy aircon top up
  • Shipped with full instructions
  • Sufficient propellant to restore most systems low on gas
  • Makes your warm vehicle ice cold
  • Professional quality hose and gauge is reusable as required

Whats In The Box?

  • Aircon top up can
  • Aircon charging hose
  • Full set of instructions

Technical – Safety Information

  • For use with R1234YF Systems ONLY
  • This will not fill a empty system. Please be advised additional cans and vacuum maybe required.
  • Please be aware that this is a universal aircon kit for most vehicles post 2014 with the new R1234YF gas; please pay attention to suitability of this product and your system